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AR-10 vs AR-15: What’s the Difference?

An AR is a fine piece of equipment that has been around for more than fifty years. If you know anything about these guns, you know the “AR” actually stands for the original manufacturer’s name for the firearm: ArmaLite Rifle.

So what’s the difference in an AR-10 and an AR-15?

AR-10s vs AR-15s: Know Your History

When comparing […]

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Understanding Homemade Gun Laws State By State

People have been making their own homemade guns on United States soil since before we were even officially a country. It’s a tradition that’s deeply rooted in our constitution and history. So, is it legal to build a gun? To this day, it is still federally legal to make your own handgun, though some states […]

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What Can’t You Do With Your Home Built Firearms

One of the major selling points of a homebuilt firearm is the privacy it affords the person building it. With no background checks or paperwork, you can get an unfinished 
lower receiver sent directly to your door, and complete your gun at home.
However, there are essential 
laws, rules, and regulations you must be aware of when purchasing […]

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What You Need to Know Before Getting a Gunsmith Tool Kit

If you’re concerned about privacy, building your own firearm is a smart choice. When it’s just you and your garage, there’s no need for paperwork, waiting periods, or background checks. That’s where JSD Supply’s gunsmith tool kits come in. We ship our 80 lower kits with jigs directly to your door, so you can start […]

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DIY Gunsmithing and Firearm Projects | JSD Supply

There are many benefits to DIY gunsmithing projects. Being able to order and receive an 
80% lower receiver directly to your door with no paperwork or waiting period is very desirable to those concerned with privacy. The ability to customize every aspect of your firearm means you have intimate knowledge of your gun. And of course, […]

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80 Percent Gun Kits for Sale: What to Look For | JSD Supply

Gun enthusiasts have known the value of building their firearms from scratch for years. Getting legal gun parts shipped to your door, without paperwork or waiting periods, is the only sensible choice for gun owners concerned with their privacy and the freedoms the constitution grants us.
The market is saturated with 80 percent gun kits for […]

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