Polymer 80 Parts and Kits

JSD Supply is the answer when you want a handgun for personal use without the paperwork. Our diverse inventory has the parts and tools you need to easily assemble a firearm in your garage. With parts that are compatible with leading manufacturers—like our Polymer 80 kit—you’ll have a sleek-looking handgun without the hassle.

Everything we sell is tested by our team and available with fast shipping options. Take a DIY approach to your handgun needs by choosing JSD Supply today.

Custom Handguns without the Hassle

Finishing a custom Polymer 80 parts build is easy when you shop with us. Thanks to our products, you can put together a firearm that is identical to options available straight from the manufacturer. The custom handgun you build from our Polymer 80 kit looks, feels and operates just like any other gun. But they don’t require a background check or a serial number, making them the best solution when privacy is the main concern.

See Our DIY Approach in Action

Let JSD Supply be your solution for owning a Polymer 80 without the traditional headaches. You’ll be able to assemble your firearm in no time with just a few basic tools and our products. Plus, you’ll learn about the function of every part for a more effective defense piece.

Discover our approach to gun ownership for yourself. Whether you need a full Polymer 80 kit, parts, or something else, we have you covered.