19.2 3D Printed Parts Kit


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19.2 3D Printed Parts Kit Product Details

Finish out your polymer frame with a complete Glock 19 style 3D Parts Kit that gives you the quality parts you need for reliable, accurate shooting. The complete combo comes with the hardware you need to transform your simple frame into a Glock-style lower receiver and the barrel, slide, and upper receiver components that give you a firearm with commercial-production quality you’ve made yourself in your home, garage, or workshop. Experience the American traditions of craftsmanship and self-reliance with a legal firearm that doesn’t require federal documentation. 

What’s Included:

  • Patmos Arms Slide – G19 Compatible
    • Judah (Option)
    • Revelation (Option)
  • Patmos Arms Barrel – 9mm
  • Patmos Arms Slide Parts
  • Patmos Arms Lower Parts Kit
  • FMDA type Front and Rear Rail Set
  • Glock Gen 3 Style Locking Block
  • Front and Rear Rail Pins

What’s Not Included:

  • Frame – You will print your own frame using FMDA 19.2  files (search for FMDA19.2 – The files are free)
  • Magazine – Try to use a Glock OEM G19 magazine for initial break in

Premium Hardware For Your Pistol

The Glock 19 style complete 3D Kit is designed to take a basic frame, directly from the printer, and help you turn it into a fully functional pistol. The complete Combo includes the metal components you need to assemble the printed components you have created. These parts will work well with many online Glock 19 style 3D print plans, so you can create the best shooting experience for tight groups at the range.

Build Your Gun Right

Don’t trust your weapon to substandard parts. Shooters coast-to-coast have chosen the parts in our Glock 19 style 3D Kit to finish out or customize the weapons they carry for self defense, competition, or duty. Make sure your homemade firearm is ready for action with a kit from JSD Supply today.

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Reviews for the 19.2 3D Printed Parts Kit

6 reviews for 19.2 3D Printed Parts Kit

  1. Poccolo (verified owner)

    Great kit

  2. sbennettx1 (verified owner)

    Got the Judah kit and OMG what a great thing to get everything for you need a build in one box including the gen 3 locking lock. Very Happy and will be getting more.

  3. Shaun Bennett (verified owner)

    Really great quality parts. Perfect for whatever build your planning. JSD is by far the best and most trusted place to get your build supplies. Non-holiday shipping was super fast and everything was well packaged. Would recomend – YES Would Purchace from again? – YES

  4. Jay Subes (verified owner)

    Precisely as described, would recommend to everyone. Quality is top notch.

  5. chris

    Excellent kit!

  6. harbrown (verified owner)

    very nice setup. for the price, as solid as it gets. Would love to see the Judah F2 slide with the same kit like this.

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