CZ Scorpion EVO Grip Adapter


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CZ Scorpion EVO Grip Adapter Product Details

If you are looking to make the most from your next build, turn to JSD Supply. We’ve been a leader in the DIY firearm industry since 2013 by offering top-quality parts that are backed by an experienced customer team.

Our diverse inventory covers everything from your standard jigs and frames to more advanced parts like CZ Scorpion grip adapters. Regardless if you are new to building or have years behind you, you are sure to find something with us to make your next build satisfying.


  • Converts a Standard Grip to an AR-15 Style Grip
  • Reduces Bulk of a Standard Scorpion EVO Grip
  • Puts Hand in Line with Trigger for Consistent Trigger Pull
  • Ergonomic
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Powder Coated Black

Build a Unique Firearm

Enhance your CZ Scorpion grip with a reliable part for any build. This component converts a standard grip to an AR-15 style for a comfortable shooting experience. It can really assist in ensuring your rifle build will be extremely reliable.

The Choice When Privacy is a Concern

When you build a firearm with JSD Supply’s help you are doing more than creating a firearm designed specifically for your carrying needs. You’re also getting the protection you need without the traditional hassles. Home-built firearms don’t require a background check or serial number – ensuring your complete privacy.

Source an adapter for your CZ Scorpion grip here at JSD Supply.

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