Holosun 510C + HM3X Combo – Multi-Reticle Dot Sight and 3x Magnifier Package


  • Big Window, Circle Dot Rifle Optic
  • 3x Magnifier with QD “Flip To Side” Mount
  • Extremely Versatile Optic Combination

Holosun 510C + HM3X Combo – Multi-Reticle Dot Sight and 3x Magnifier Package Product Details

The Holosun 510c and HM3X combo package gives your rifle or carbine a wide-open reflex sight for fast target acquisition with the improved accuracy of an accurate red dot paired with tactical magnification. This versatile set of performance optics gives you better range performance, an improved varmint gun, or more reliable optics for your personal defense weapon. This red dot and magnifier package gives your rifle a bright red dot with Solar Failsafe reliability, automatic illumination and brightness adjustments, and a battery that gives you 50,000 hours of life and can be easily changed without removing the sight or magnifier from the weapon. You’re getting precision-engineered gun accessories built by one of the top names in shooting optics for a fair price, in stock and ready to ship. Build yourself a better shooting experience with aftermarket parts you can count on.

Tactical Precision

The Holosun 510c and HM3X package is designed to deliver the flexible optics you need for a variety of shooting situations. Whether you need the fast target acquisition of a reflex sight or improved accuracy from a magnified red dot, this deal delivers.

  • 510c Rifle/Carbine Sight
    • Features a strong aluminum housing and titanium shroud for durability under field conditions.
    • 12 manual or automatic brightness settings–10 for daylight and 2 for night vision. Settings can be locked out to prevent accidental adjustment.
    • Shake Awake technology uses motion sensor to activate the reticle at the slightest motion while shutting it off when still to preserve battery life.
    • Super Solar panels keep your sight working when the battery dies, even in low daylight conditions.
    • Powered by a CR2032 battery that provides up to 50,000 hours of service life. A convenient battery tray allows for easy changes without removing or re-zeroing the optics.
    • The ultra-bright red or green LED provides a precision 2 MOA dot, 64 MOA circle, or a combination of the two from the adjustable multi-reticle system.
    • The parallax-free design allows for unlimited eye relief.
    • Uses a MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail with a quick-release lever for easy mounting on a wide variety of rifles or carbines.
  • HM3X Magnifier
    • Offers 3X magnification with an adjustable “fast focus” diopter ring.
    • Nitrogen-purged optics for use in a variety of environments.
    • Flip-aside design on a quick-disconnect MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail gives you flexibility in the field.
    • 6016 aluminum housing provides field durability.
    • Optical axis adjustment fine-tunes alignment to keep the dot in the middle of the field of view.
  • Padded carrying case to protect your performance optics.

Better Rifle Shooting

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