Matador Arms – Sidewinder Folding Stock Adapter

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  • Lightweight, Rugged 4175 Aluminum Construction.
  • Efficient, Minimalist Design
  • Attaches Securely with Existing AR-15 Buffer Tube Threads
  • Perfect for Most 9mm AR Pistol Builds that DON’T Require the Buffer Tube or Spring

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Matador Arms – Sidewinder Folding Stock Adapter Product Details

The Matador Sidewinder Folding Stock Adapter gives your AR-style 9mm custom pistol or carbine the support you need for improved shooting from the shoulder without compromising on mobility. Designed to be a versatile upgrade, this AR9 folding stock adapter is easy to install, lightweight, and effective. Whether you’re new to home gun modifications or an old hand in the workshop, you’ll appreciate the user-friendly design coupled with real-world performance improvements. Upgrade your firearm with a quality part that’s made by a leader in aftermarket AR-15 parts and accessories.

Adapt to Tactical Necessities

The Sidewinder Folding Stock Adapter converts your existing stock into a folder so you keep the familiar shoulder feel but gain the ability to move the extended stock out of your way. Engineered to precise tolerances, this creates an AR9 folding stock that locks tight with zero wiggle in both the folded and extended configurations.

  • Lightweight 4175 Aluminum adds just .05 lbs to your weapon.
  • The 3”x3”x3” design gives an easy learning curve when familiarizing yourself with your new weapon dimensions.
  • Attaches directly to the buffer threads your stock is currently on, and then your stock or stock adapter (not included) attaches to the threads on the Sidewinder.
  • Compatible with pistol systems that do NOT use buffer tubes and springs, including Brownells® BRN™ System, Scorpion® Vector™, some Chassis products,
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defect.

Upgrade Your AR Pistol

We’re proud to support better shooting by offering quality parts and accessories from companies you can count on. Don’t forget to sign up to have new product releases and hot deals sent to your inbox. Order your Matador Sidewinder Folding Stock Adapter from JSD Supply today.

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