Matador Arms – Sidewinder Folding Stock Adapter


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Matador Arms – Sidewinder Folding Stock Adapter Product Details

The Matador Arms Sidewinder is a stout, minimalist folding stock adapter that works with any system using AR15 spec buffer tube threads. It won’t work with ARs that use a buffer and spring inside, but the Brownells BRN, Scorpion Vector, Matador Montgo and MAT-9, and other 9mm PCC uppers that don’t utilize the AR15 style buffer and spring. The Sidewinder is made of 4175 aluminum and has a super solid, immovable lockup whether folded or extended. No annoying wiggle!

The Sidewinder is covered by Matador’s Lifetime Warranty.

Weight: .05 lbs
3″ x 3″ x 3″



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