Patmos Arms Judah 19 Compact Slide


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Patmos Arms Judah 19 Compact Slide Product Details

G19 Slide – Judah 19

Build a firearm that looks, feels, and operates like a stock Glock G19 without the hassles of traditional retailers with parts by JSD. This component can be ordered with a match grade nitride barrel, complete slide internals, guide rod, and sights.

G19 Slide Features:

  • 100% CNC machined from bar stock
  • 416 Stainless Steel – Heat Treated
  • Nitride coated
  • Front and rear serrations

Barrel Features:

  • Match Grade
  • Nitride Coated
  • 9mm


Frame Compatibility:

The Patmos Arms Judah 19 is compatible with a host of other similarly styled frames.

  • Polymer 80 PF940c
  • Glock G19/G23/G32
  • 80 Percent Arms GST-9
  • PSA Dagger
  • Polymer80 PFC9
  • Lone Wolf TWC Compact
  • SCT Manufacturing – SCT 19
  • ZEV OZ9
  • Combat Armory

Create a Custom Firearm

All of our compatible G19 slides and barrels are tested by our team before being shipped, so you can be assured of the best quality items with every order.

Rely on JSD Supply for your Glock 19 compatible build. Since 2013 we have been the ultimate DIY handgun parts supplier. Our inventory has simple components like compatible G19 slides to full kits and more. With our help, you can have a hassle-free build right in your garage.

The Best Answer for Custom Firearms

Building your own firearm is the best answer when customization is a priority. Handguns built with the Patmos Arms G19 slide and other parts from JSD Supply. This gives you a professionally finished piece that will be unique to your style.

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Reviews for the Patmos Arms Judah 19 Compact Slide

5 reviews for Patmos Arms Judah 19 Compact Slide

  1. richard

    Nice Quality have had no Problems what so ever since my purchase

  2. anniemnewnum (verified owner)

    Good slide good quality fast shipping 10/10

  3. ericstafford (verified owner)

    JSD and Patmos arms great first experience. Build was straightforward and went well. I am very pleased with my new PMF. Let’s go Brandon.

  4. C. Diddy

    This combo is better than the price leads you to believe. I bought from JSD and the slide had defect at the end of rail channel below the back plate. They exchanged it fast and the customer service was “ we give a dam”. I expected to shoot at least 200rds before it broke in. But nope it failed to return to battery for the first 3 shots , then shot 100/150 no issues with Fed AmEagle 124 & 115 gr. The accuracy was better than an oem glock 19 my cousin had with him. Great slide and barrel , great price , great accuracy , great customer service.

  5. Dan

    Very well priced, basic and functional.
    Some edges were a little sharper than need be, but frankly cause no issues mechanically or for the users comfort. I work in CNC machining so this was more noticeable to me than others, perhaps.
    Extractor provided in UPK through JSD was extremely tight at first, and initially caused me to believe it may be defective or have a bad spring/cap, or bad fitment in slide. The snap caps I was using to dry break-in the build were getting the case rim chewed to hell. HOWEVER! Much to my delight, I experienced absolutely NO issues during live fire. Just needed the extra push of live ammo to break it in.
    Fitment of UPK was excellent outside extractor break-in.
    Did not have a single failure that was not 100% magazine related in 100 straight rounds. Further testing pending.
    Totally have, and will, recommend to folks who want a budget-friendly slide kit and don’t want the extra frills of the more expensive slides.

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