Patmos Arms Revelation 19 Parts Kit – Compact


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Patmos Arms Revelation 19 Parts Kit – Compact Product Details

Patmos Arms Revelation – Compact

Patmos Arms Revelation – Compact Combo works with a G19 or a Polymer 80 PF940c. Custom design this firearm to best suit you. This combo from JSD has everything needed to finish your own pistol like a professional. The Patmos Arms Revelation Compact Parts Kit is great for anyone who wants to customize their firearms.


Product Description


Parts with this Patmos Arms Revelation – Compact include:

  • Patmos Arms Revelation 19 Slide
    • Cut for Trijicon RMR or Holosun 507C or similar red dot
    • Patmos Arms Cover plate
  • Patmos Arms Barrel
  • Patmos Arms Slide Parts kit and Recoil Spring Assembly
  • Black nitride coating
  • Complete Lower Parts Kit (No Locking Block)

Frame Compatibility:

The Patmos Arms Revelation Compact is compatible with a host of other similarly styled frames:

  • Polymer 80 PF940c
  • GST-9
  • Glock Gen1-3 G19/G23/G32
  • PSA Dagger
  • Polymer80 PFC9
  • Lone Wolf TWC Compact
  • SCT Manufacturing – SCT 19
  • ZEV OZ9
  • Combat Armory

No frame is included with this set.

Get Exactly What You Need At JSD

There’s nothing more satisfying than customizing your firearm. Stay informed of new products today for all your DIY gun needs. Find everything necessary to complement and customize your Glock style G19.

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Reviews for the Patmos Arms Revelation 19 Parts Kit – Compact

1 review for Patmos Arms Revelation 19 Parts Kit – Compact

  1. Troy Sutton (verified owner)

    It is a fantastic looking slide with absolutely zero imperfections! If you are one the fence buy it! I replaced the barrel immediately so I cant attest to how the barrel is but everything else is top notch! Even the barrel maybe I dunno. It looked flawless to be sure. I do have one gripe tho which is why the 4 stars…. The striker/firing pin broke the first time to the range. I dont know if I got a lemon but it did happen so there’s that. But that being said I am buying another for a buddy of mine because I recommended it already and will do so again and again.

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