Primary Arms SLx 1x Prism – Gen II ACSS


  • Small, Light, and Tough Microprism
  • ACSS gen 2 Illuminated BDC Reticle
  • Unique Optical Characteristics

Primary Arms SLx 1x Prism – Gen II ACSS Product Details

So you are looking for an ultra fast, zero magnification optic for your carbine or shotgun but red dots aren’t an option for you? Astigmatism got you down? The Primary Arms SLx 1x Prism is one of the hottest prism scopes on the market, packing all the must-have features into a smaller and lighter form factor than ever before. Glass clarity, eye box, and eye relief are all excellent. Choose from red or green illumination on the etched reticle, which gets brighter at maximum power than you’ve seen before from other prisms or LPVOs with similar reticle tech. A fast focus ocular lens keeps the reticle crisp and sharp with almost anyone’s vision, even if you have eye issues that ruin red dot sights for you. No other etched reticle optic on the market equals this prism’s usable eye relief range– your eye can be anywhere from 2″ to 6″ behind the optic and still get a good sight picture.


The SLx 1x is also the only prism scope on the market which can be easily combined with a 3x flip-to-side magnifier– yes, it actually works!– making longer distance shots much more reliable and repeatable.


HEY THERE: Got a 9mm PCC? Type in “Gemini” in our search box and you’ll find a variant of this prism scope with a reticle optimized for 9mm carbines.

  • ACSS Cyclops G2 Reticle
  • Up to 45,000 Hours Battery Life (Medium Setting)
  • Weight: 5.5 ounces
  • 13 Brightness Settings: 10 Daylight & 3 NV Compatible
  • Useable Eye Relief Range: 2″ to 6″ (3.6″ for optimum field of view)
  • AutoLive Motion Sensing Illumination
  • Convenient Tray Battery Compartment allows CR2032 battery to be changed without removing the optic from the firearm
  • Backed by Primary Arms Lifetime Warranty
  • Included mounting system offers 8 different mounting configurations out of the box



  • Red Reticle
  • Green Reticle

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