Sig Sauer P320 21 Round Magazine



Sig Sauer P320 21 Round Magazine




This 21 round magazine is compatible with Sig P320 firearms using any 9mm p250 or p320 grip module.

Additional increased capacity magazines like these are great for making the most of your time at the range, as well as to have available in a potential survival situation.

This 21 round magazine is an excellent balance between capacity and size. While it carries more rounds than a standard capacity magazine, it does not extend too far past the frame, making it easy to manage for everyday carry while loaded or kept in a magazine pouch.

Upgrade Your Next Build or Customization

One of the most satisfying aspects of firearm ownership is the ability to customize them to exactly match your carrying needs. You can have a unique firearm for your carrying style with components like this P320 21 round magazine. Extending your ammo count can help ensure that you have the capacity in any needed in any situation.

*Magazine Capacity Restricted States MUST add a magazine limiter.

See the JSD Supply Difference

We’ve assisted gun owners with their builds since 2013 thanks to our extensive inventory and expert customer service. Our top-quality parts cover everything from simple jigs to full kits and even additional components like Sig P320 21 round magazines. You’ll be able to build a unique firearm in your garage without the hassle or the government paperwork when you use our parts.

What makes JSD Supply the ultimate choice for Sig P320 21 round magazines and other parts is our passion for DIY firearms. Everything we offer is fully tested to guarantee satisfaction and reliability. We also offer items with fast shipping options so you can have a smooth building experience every time you order.


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