• Top Of The Line Trijicon Red Dot
  • Huge Window– Optimized 25mm Objective Lens
  • Ultra Sharp, Bright Red  2.0 MOA / 68 MOA Circle Dot
  • Choose from 4 Mounting Options

Trijicon MRO HD 2 MOA / 68 MOA CIRCLE RED DOT Product Details

The Trijicon MRO HD (Miniature Rifle Optic) is a fully sealed collimated light optic (known as a red dot) ready for use on rifles, carbines and shotguns to provide extremely quick target acquisition. The large window (25mm objective lens) and tapered light path maximizes the viewing area and allows for better situational awareness and faster target engagement – especially from non-standard shooting positions. Whether you are a competition shooter mastering the VTAC barricade or a law enforcement officer working around vehicles, the MRO HD’s large window can make an enormous difference in your performance. The brightness adjustment knob is located on top so either hand easily find it even in the dark. All of the features you expect from Trijicon are here– from the super tough forged 7075-T6 aluminum body to the daylight bright circle dot reticle shining through ultra clear Trijicon glass.


NOTE: The “HD” model MRO is the top of the line, with a re-engineered, higher quality objective lens that all but eliminates tint and presents an ultra crisp circle dot reticle. A 2.0 MOA dot in the center is (optionally) surrounded by a 68 MOA segmented circle. The top-mounted brightness control knob also selects whether you view the full reticle or just the center dot. The MRO HD offers superior performance when paired with a flip-to-side magnifier to extend your rifle’s effective range beyond what is possible at 1x magnification.


  • 2.0 MOA Red Dot / 2.0 MOA Red Dot + 68 MOA Segmented Circle
  • 2.5 Year Battery Life (Setting 5 of 8)
  • Top-Mounted Brightness Adjust Knob
  • Weight: 4.6 Ounces Without Mount
  • 8 Brightness Settings Total
  • 2 NV Compatible Brightness Settings
  • Parallax-free & Unlimited Eye Relief
  • 70 MOA Total Windage and Elevation Adjustment Travel
  • 0.5 MOA-Per-Click Adjustments
  • CR2032 Battery


Mounting Options:

  • Optic Only
  • Low Picatinny Mount
  • Absolute Picatinny Mount
  • Lower 1/3 Picatinny Mount

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