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Top 10 Pistol Accessories to Upgrade Your Shooting Experience

Pistol accessories help you get a better experience with your gun, and we’re proud to offer  some of the top pieces of equipment you need to give your weapon the right look, feel, and function. Whether you carry concealed for personal protection, serve and protect in the line of duty, or just want to put your skills to the test on the range, the right accessories tailor your shooting experience to meet your individual needs. We’re strong believers that a weapon you’ve taken the time to make your own and train with will be more reliable in your hands when every shot counts. Customize your weapon and loadout with parts you can count on from a gun parts and accessories dealer you know and trust.

Your New Gun is Just a Start

Manufacturers put a lot of time and money into designing a weapon that suits the needs of a broad range of gun owners. You aren’t a broad range of gun owners, though. You’re an individual that chose to purchase the weapon because it’s closest to meeting your needs, but it can always be better. The right pistol accessories and handgun upgrades can change the balance, appearance, ammunition capacity, and sight picture offered by your weapon, making it a truly one-of-a-kind firearm that’s custom-built for you.

Finding the Deals You Need

When planning for your next customization, start by considering what needs to happen to take your handgun to the next level. There is a wide range of pistol accessories available, but not every accessory is right for every gun or gun owner. Do your research so you know exactly what performance, capabilities, or results you’re looking for and the accessories that can provide it. Ensure you understand the features, mounting options, and suggested retail prices. Set your budget, and get ready to shop. Don’t forget to sign up for email newsletters that send the top discounts and sales to your inbox. Then you’ll be ready to purchase the top handgun upgrades and accessories for a price that leaves you more money in your pocket for ammunition.

Top Pistol Accessories

While every gun owner has different shooting needs, there are some accessories that top the list of most common purchases. They improve the way your gun looks, extend its capabilities, or improve its function, and in the process, they give you a better experience. 


Firearm in a black holster

Holsters keep your gun safe for easy carrying. These pistol accessories have a range of options to fit everyone’s preferences. Whether you need a duty holster, an inside-the-waistband concealed carry rig, or an ankle holster for your backup gun, you’ll find them for every carrying situation. Decide on your favorite style, the material you want it made from, and if you have a preferred manufacturer, that way, you can better narrow down your options when browsing. Make sure to factor in aftermarket upgrades like lights, optics, and sights to ensure you have a holster that fits your gun and lifestyle.

Extra Magazines and Extensions

Extend your ammunition capacity or make reloading faster and easier to maximize your range time or be ready for extended tactical situations. Extra magazines are compact and easy to carry. Magazine extensions replace the base plate on your stock mags, adding a few extra rounds and giving you a slightly extended grip for better muzzle flip control.

Reflex Optics

Reflex optics, like red and green dot sights, help speed up target acquisition and improve accuracy, making them one of the most efficient handgun upgrades for your pistol accessory dollar. While some pistols are pre-drilled to accept certain footprints, others can be converted by a gunsmith or adapter plate to give you a weapon that lets you put shots on target faster.

Weapon-Mounted Lights

Another popular upgrade for tactical shooters, weapon-mounted lights attach under the barrel, usually to an integral rail or via a clamp on the trigger guard. Perfect for nighttime shooting drills, it’s also a great choice for your home defense gun that you may need in the middle of the night. Modern gun lights are compact in size but use the latest battery and LED technology to create clear, bright light that’s delivered right where you need it.

Precision Barrels

Upgrading your barrel can improve accuracy. Swapping out your stock barrel for a match-grade option is a great choice. You can also consider a barrel with porting to better combat muzzle flip or threads to allow the attachment of a suppressor or flash hider. Patmos Arms is quickly gaining a reputation for producing better-than-name-brand quality barrels without the inflated name-brand price tag. 

Grips and Sleeves

 Your hands connect you to the weapon, exerting your control for precision shooting and returning the recoil to you for absorption before the target is reacquired. Custom grips or grip sleeves can give you better control while also improving the look of your firearm. These are easy handgun upgrades, requiring no more than an Allen wrench or screwdriver for proper fitment and installation. Other guns, like the Sig Sauer P365 and compatible weapons, offer interchangeable grip modules that let you customize the appearance of your weapon or enjoy the “new gun” feel it had straight from the factory again.

Tabletop CNC Machines

Ghost Gunner CNC machine and laptop

CNC machines use computer-coded instructions to machine materials into functional firearms components. From custom handguards to improved grips and pistol frame customization, they’re a great investment for anyone who installs their own pistol upgrades. The Ghost Gunner CNC machine is one of the best known and most popular options on the market for at-home firearm finishing and parts manufacture.

Parts Kit

After a time, even the best-made guns can start to show signs of wear. A parts kit, like this one for 1911-type pistols, can help you restore a well-used weapon to full functionality by replacing weakened springs, loose pins, and spongy trigger groups. It’s one of the best ways to get more familiar with your weapon and ensure you’re ready to keep it well-maintained in the field or between outings.

Range Bags

 With all those magazines, the cleaning kit, and your other pistol accessories, your arms can get pretty full. Your range bag carries the gear you need for proper firearms training. Range bags are spacious enough to hold your gear, sturdy enough for pounds of ammo and accessories, and should have enough compartmentalization to make sure everything is protected and right where it should be when you need it.

Gun Safes

Gun safes serve an important role in protecting you, your community, and your weapons. Safes store your weapon and high-dollar pistol accessories securely, keeping out kids and potential thieves. Home safes come in all sizes, from those as big as a closet to ones designed to fit in the drawer of your end table. Travel safes are a great way to store your gun when you’re traveling or can’t carry your weapon into an establishment. By keeping them safe from those who could be injured or might want to use them to hurt others, you’re also protecting yourself from the financial impact of the loss and potential civil liability.

Upgrade Your Handguns

We’re proud supporters of your Second Amendment rights, including the belief that every American has the right to keep and bear arms better. Get the parts you need for a better gun at prices that save you money without compromising on quality. Order your Pistol accessories and handgun upgrades from JSD Supply today.