PR Triggers Model G trigger components placed in front of PR Triggers packaging

How to Install the PR Triggers Model G

If you want to have more fun with your upgraded Glock-type pistol, you need to install the PR Triggers Model G pull-release trigger system. This custom Glock trigger group effectively doubles your rate of fire while keeping your handgun’s action semi-automatic. That means there’s no need for hefty NFA fees or intrusive background checks when installing this beginner-friendly pistol mod. Just set aside some time, buy extra ammo, and get ready for more fun at the range.

One Trigger Action, One Round Fired

While highly restricted automatic firearms shoot multiple rounds with each pull of the trigger, either as a burst or continuously, semi-automatic weapons are defined as firing only one round per trigger action. Straight from the factory, this means you pull the trigger and release the striker, the gun fires, and then you release the trigger, which resets the trigger to release the striker again. When you install the PR Triggers Model G, this process changes while still requiring a trigger action to release the striker and fire the weapon.

When you squeeze this custom Glock trigger, the striker is released to fire a round, but then the trigger assembly resets in that position–it’s a pull-release trigger. Releasing the trigger will now also release the striker, firing the pistol. One intentional movement from the shooter, either a pull or release, is required to fire the weapon, so it’s still using the semi-automatic action. It’s just using it twice as fast. With proper trigger discipline and practice, installing the PR Triggers Model G effectively increases your rate of fire while maintaining your accuracy.

Make Smart Decisions

As with any gun customization project, before you begin, make sure you take the time to understand how to do the job right and set aside the time and space necessary. Follow all manufacturer’s directions, use your PPE, break the new configuration in at a safe location, and follow all handgun safety rules. While your gun may be more fun after you install the PR Triggers Model G, it’s a tool–not a toy.

Components of PR Triggers Model G and a pistol with aftermarket parts

How to Install the PR Triggers Model G in Your Glock

If you haven’t taken your Glock apart beyond a quick field stripping for cleaning, start by familiarizing yourself with its parts, especially those used in the trigger group and slide. While installing a custom Glock trigger is fairly straightforward, the more familiar you are with your gun, the easier it will be.

  1. Unload and Make Safe

The first step in any firearms project is always to ensure the weapon is unloaded. Remove the magazine, clear the chamber, and visually inspect it. Until your gun is disassembled, repeat this anytime you have to step away. Accidents can kill.

  1. Remove the Slide, Assembly Pins, Locking Block, and Slide Stop

Set aside these components as they will be used to complete the installation of the PR Triggers Model G in your Glock. A small punch will help you efficiently remove the pins without scratching or damaging the frame.

  1. Remove the OEM Trigger Assembly

Make sure to keep your original trigger in a safe place. While no parts of the OEM trigger assembly are used with your custom Glock trigger, you may want to reinstall the original trigger at a later time. This gives you the option of customizing your gun for range fun and then restoring it to stock for duty or self-defense. It also lets you swap your pull-release trigger into another Glock-type firearm to break in a new gun faster, prior to a sale, or just to switch things up.

  1. Carefully Remove Your Model G from Its Package

As you remove the PR Triggers Model G for installation, keep a small amount of pressure on each side of the housing. While it can be reassembled if any parts come unseated, such as the uncaptured trigger return spring, it’s a far simpler process to grip the housing firmly to keep it secured.

  1. Install Your PR Triggers Model G

Slide the custom Glock trigger into place on the frame. Secure the assembly with your original trigger housing pin. Then insert the locking block and secure it with the dumbbell-shaped locking block pin. Slide the slide stop under the locking block pin, align the trigger with the slide stop, and secure them both with the trigger pin. This finishes the frame portion of installing the PR Triggers Model G, so now it’s time to move on to the slide.

  1. Remove the Slide Back Plate and Components

Once the back plate is removed, slide out the striker and extractor depressor plunger, and then remove the extractor, striker safety plunger, and striker safety plunger spring. Set aside your backplate and striker safety plunger with your OEM trigger for reinstallation if you choose at a later time.

  1. Install Your New Striker Safety Plunger

The striker safety plunger you install with your PR Triggers Model G is directional. On the surface, you’ll see an engraved arrow that should be installed pointing toward the muzzle of the weapon. Insert your striker safety plunger spring in the cup on the bottom of the striker safety plunger. Ensuring the spring remains seated and the arrow on the striker safety plunger points toward the muzzle, install the safety plunger and spring, securing them with the extractor.

  1. Reinstall the Remaining Slide Components and the Provided Back Plate

You can now slide the striker and extractor depressor plunger back in and install the included PR Triggers back plate. While this red back plate is structurally the same as your OEM plate, it serves as a visual indicator that your weapon has been customized. This helps prevent accidents caused by forgetting your pull-release trigger is installed or mistakenly grabbing your modified pistol instead of an unmodified one for carry. While the OEM back plate will work just fine when you install the PR Triggers Model G, we strongly recommend using this red back plate for safety.

  1. Testing and Breaking In

Now that installation of your custom Glock trigger is complete, it’s time to check your work. Install the slide onto your frame as normal. While unloaded, rack the slide and squeeze the trigger to release the striker, but keep holding the trigger at the end of its rearward travel. Rack the slide again, then release the trigger, which should release the striker to fire a second time. Repeat this process 100 times to help seat all components fully and allow them to wear together, adapting to your pistol’s geometry. 

Range testing a PR Triggers Model G
Range testing a PR Triggers Model G

Hit the Range

After finishing your test cycling, it’s time to head to the range. Observing all gun safety and gun range rules, start slow, getting a feel for your new custom Glock trigger in a safe environment. Avoid the temptation to “ride” the trigger in either direction, attempting to find the least amount of travel for release and return. This can put undue wear on your components and result in a failure to reset for the next pull or release shot.

Get the Parts You Need for More Fun With Your Glock

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