Tips for Cleaning Your DIY Firearm

Overhead view of a man cleaning his disassembled firearm

Find out the proper steps for cleaning a gun, how to do it safely, and why it can be an important part of spotting damage or customization opportunities. We’re proud to offer quality DIY firearms parts and accessories that don’t break the bank. Order your gun parts from JSD Supply today.

An Overview of 3D Printed Polymer Frames for Firearms

3D rendering of a 3D printed pistol

Learn how 3D-printed frames can help you create commercial-quality firearms for personal use legally in your own home. A polymer gun frame completed with quality performance aftermarket parts can help you explore your Second Amendment rights on a whole new level. Get the parts and accessories you need for a unique shooting experience from JSD Supply.

Maintaining Your Firearm: Tips and Tricks for Longevity

A revolver and handgun laying on a pad in preparation for a cleaning

Learn the basic gun maintenance and gun storage procedures you need to keep your weapon functioning longer. When your gun needs a little TLC, or if it’s time to look for precision replacement parts, we have you covered.

Home Gunsmithing and Firearm Projects | JSD Supply

gunsmith cleaning a firearm

Home gunsmithing projects help you tailor your firearm’s performance to meet your needs. We have the custom gun parts, tools, and accessories you need to create a better shooting experience. From beginner projects to advice for taking things a step further, build a better weapon with parts and advice from JSD Supply.