The History of Gun Control In the United States

Gun control is something that affects every gun owner, prospective gun owner, and the next generation that comes after us. Learn how the gun laws of the past laid the groundwork for today’s curtailed Second Amendment rights.

AR-10 vs AR-15: What’s the Difference?

AR15 sitting on top of an American flag, three bullets sit next to the weapon

Read to learn about the history of AR weapons and how to customize your own weapon. Whether you need a long-range powerhouse like the AR-10 vs. the AR-15’s tactical flexibility or need a gun with lighter weight and less recoil, we have the AR accessories that help you build a gun that shoots better. Get your parts from JSD Supply today.

26.2 3D Printed Parts Kit


*IMPORTANT : as of 4/5/24 when you order this kit you may receive the “split rear rail” module instead of the one-piece unit due to supply constraints. The split-rear is designed to the same dimensions and will function the same.*   Create a reliable subcompact firearm you can be proud of with our complete 26.2 […]

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