26.2 3D Printed Combo




Create a reliable subcompact firearm you can be proud of with our complete 26.2 3D Printed Combo. There is a long American tradition of self-reliance, and making your own firearm in pursuit of your second amendment rights is a great way to know your weapon. Our parts kits will help you finish out your 3D printed frame in your home, garage, or workshop, so you have a gun that looks as good as a commercially produced pistol and shoots groups that are just as tight.


What’s Included:

  • Patmos Arms Slide – G19 Compatible
    • Judah (Option)
    • Revelation (Option)
  • Patmos Arms Barrel – 9mm
  • Patmos Arms Slide Parts
  • Patmos Arms Lower Parts Kit
  • Aves Front and Rear Rail Set
  • Glock Gen 3 Style Locking Block
  • Front and Rear Rail Pins

What’s Not Included:

  • Frame – You will print your own frame using FMDA 19.2  files (search for FMDA19.2 – The files are free)
  • Magazine – Try to use a Glock OEM G19 magazine for initial break in

Printing Your Next Piece

Additive manufacturing, more commonly called 3D printing, lets private individuals create lightweight, durable polymer frames on their own equipment. Our 26.2 complete 3D printed combo gives you the hardware you need to turn a raw frame into a functional lower receiver as well as the barrel, slide, and other upper components that make a fully functional firearm. Under federal law, manufacturing a firearm for your own personal use is fully legal, and doing so lets you avoid the intrusive government paperwork and background checks that come with commercial firearms purchases. 

Get The Parts You Need

Building a firearm you can count on starts with high-quality parts. Our combos come with the same components found in the pistols of satisfied second amendment supporters across the country and are designed to work seamlessly with popular Glock 26 3D plans from reputable sources. Finish out your Glock-style subcompact pistol with a 26.2 3D Printed combo from JSD Supply today.

Additional information

Slide Style

Judah, Revelation


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