What You Need to Know Before Getting a Gunsmith Tool Kit

If you’re concerned about privacy, building your own firearm is a smart choice. When it’s just you and your garage, there’s no need for paperwork, waiting periods, or background checks. That’s where JSD Supply’s gunsmith tool kits come in. We ship our 80 lower kits with jigs directly to your door, so you can start customizing your gun right away.

Your Local and State Laws

Dig deep into your local and state laws for gun ownership. Your kit is of no use to you if you can’t assemble the gun in your state or you don’t follow the specific requirements to do so.

For example, in California, while you can purchase an 80% lower receiver, you must apply for and 
engrave a serial number on your gun before you complete it. This means a series of steps including filling out a Personal Firearms Eligibility Check, submitting that application, registering with the California Firearms Application Reporting System, completing a serial number application form, and waiting for your serial number to arrive. Gotta love the smell of freedom in the morning.

This sounds like a lot of steps for residents of The Golden State; however, it’s better to complete them and have the AR-15 you built from your gunsmith tool kit be legal instead of facing difficulties down the road.

Fortunately, most other states haven’t made such requirements, so your privacy remains protected, though again, it is vital to check your area’s specific laws before making a purchase.

man aiming with rifle

What Type of Gun You Want to Build

Once you’ve ascertained the legality of building your own gun in your area, decide what type of firearm you want to build. JSD Supply has a wide variety of 80 lower kits with jigs you can choose from, whether you want an 
AR-10AR-15, or a even Glock-compatible kit.

If you want to use your gun primarily for hunting, a 
DIY hunting rifle may be perfect for you. Or perhaps you’re a survivalist, so a fully customized gun is ideal for your needs. Whatever your goal is in purchasing a gunsmith tool kit, ensure you’re choosing the correct gun to match.

Invest in a Quality Kit

After you’ve figured out the legal aspects and decided what type of gun you want, look for a respectable company with quality components. Look for billeted 7075 anodized aluminum and high-strength, nylon-based polymer. Finding parts made in the USA is even better. When looking at 
jigs, look for high-quality steel and inclusion of drill bits.

Order Your 80 Lower Kit with Jig

JSD Supply has been the home of quality gun parts and kits for years. We’re your trusted source for the parts and gunsmith tool kits you need to design and customize your personal firearm in the privacy of your own home. 
Contact us with your questions today, and start building your next ideal gun right away.