Hunting Tips: How to Prepare for Each Hunting Season

No matter what kind of game you hunt, hunting season is an exciting time. However, you can’t just wake up on the first day of the season and think you’re ready to go. There are essential steps to take, some beginning long before each season, that will help your time outdoors be a success.

Check the Regulations, Laws, and Permits

Nothing will ruin your hunting season quite like forgetting to make sure your permits or licenses are up-to-date and that laws haven’t changed. A current big game or small game license is a good place to start. You may need extra licenses or state validations depending on your game of choice.

Also, regulations can change every season, so don’t assume that what was legal last year is legal this year.

Another essential hunting tip in this category is to watch for extra fees, bag limits, and other rules. Some seasons there may not be enough deer, for example, so there may be additional fees to hunt them or it may even be completely prohibited.

Check Your Gear

hunting backpack in the woods

Don’t wait until a week before the season to get out your gear and give it a once-over. Check for holes in your soft gear, like your sleeping bag or safety harness. Sharpen your hunting knives and put new batteries in any equipment that needs them.

If you have equipment that needs replacing, checking your gear long before the season means you’ll avoid the crowding and rush of those who waited, not to mention the possibility of your item being out of stock.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Other essential hunting tips include sighting your rifle or bow and 
practicing with it. Get to the range early and often to not only avoid crowds but also to ensure you have the skills to pull off a clean shot. Take the time to study the balance of your bullets and the performance of your cartridges at different distances.

If you know you’ll be in a stand that’s 200 yards from a deer path, practice at 200 yards. Once you’re proficient at the range, take a trip out to your hunting grounds and do some practice shots there (if it’s legal) to make sure your estimate of the distance is correct and you’re still able to shoot cleanly.

Talk to Landowners and Farmers

A lesser-known hunting tip is that some of the best lands to hunt are privately owned. Long before the season, visit the landowner and ask permission to hunt on their property. Get to know them and offer to help out around their home. A little courtesy can go a long way toward them allowing you to be the first to use their land.

Even if you’re hunting on public property, don’t discount local farmers’ knowledge. They spend all year outside working, which means they usually have a good idea what the deer are doing. Chat with them to learn your quarry’s habits.

Get in Shape

man hiking downhill with a rifle on his back

One of the best hunting tips is to get in shape. Know the area in which you’ll be hunting and prepare yourself physically to do so. This tip is especially important if your normal daily life doesn’t include much physical activity. You can’t go from drinking beer on the sofa to hiking 3,000 feet in elevation in a week.

Ideally, you’d regularly hike your future hunting area. If that’s possible, wear your hiking boots. This will break them in and ensure they can handle the terrain.

Approach your physical fitness with your entire body in mind. Yes, you need strong leg muscles to hike outdoors for hours, but you also need strong upper body muscles to hold your rifle and carry your spoils back at the end of the day.

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