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Best Hunting Rifle: Why You Should Build a First-Time Gun

Going hunting for the first time is a milestone experience for everyone. From start to finish, the process for preparing for a first hunt is exhilarating. Choosing your gear, figuring out what you want to hunt and where to hunt it, getting a license — it’s all very exciting.

Aside from having a license and following […]

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Types of Ammo: Choosing the Right Kinds

With literally thousands (and that’s being modest) of different ammunition types available, it can get complicated to figure out what kind you need. Hollowpoint? Corrosive? Lead? Hunting? Learn which kinds you need and for what purposes from the experts at JSD Supply.Corrosive vs. Non-CorrosiveAt first glance, “corrosive” ammo sounds bad. Doesn’t it corrode your guns? […]

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Gun Practice | How to Safely Practice With Your Gun

Gun safety is a top priority for JSD Supply, and it should be for you too. All responsible gun owners must know how to safely practice with their firearm to avoid accidents and injuries. Here are our top safety tips so you can keep yourself, your family, and your belongings out of harm’s way.
At Home
Yes, […]

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Concealed Carry Pistols: Can You Carry a DIY Firearm?

You probably know by now that building your own gun at home is a rewarding experience. Not only does it give you the opportunity to gain detailed knowledge of your firearm, but if you’re concerned with privacy, a DIY gun can be an ideal solution.
So you’ve built a fine firearm at home and you’re proud […]

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Gun Maintenance | Tips for Cleaning Your DIY Firearm

The benefits of building your own gun from scratch are enormous. Even beyond the privacy it gives you, you gain a sense of accomplishment and a detailed working knowledge of your firearm when you put it together yourself.
This detailed knowledge comes in handy when it’s time to clean your gun. Check out these steps for […]

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AR Rifle Parts | Building a Rifle From Start to Finish

There’s no better way to customize your AR than with a DIY kit. Good kits will contain all the parts and tools you need to complete your gunsmithing build at home without the hassle of excessive paperwork.
Check out our definitive guide on how a DIY rifle kit works from start to finish so you can […]

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