A Deep-Dive Into the AR-15’s History and Modern Use

One of the most popular firearms in history, the AR-15 is an iconic rifle that has generated a massive amount …

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Are 3D Printed Guns Legal?

Homemade 3D printed gun parts and guns have come under increased scrutiny in the wake of President Biden’s executive order …

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Ammo Prices on the Rise – But Why?

If ammo prices are leading you to consider a second mortgage, you aren’t alone. Worse, many JSD Supply customers report …

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Field-Stripping The “Ghost Gun Ban” Executive Order

In a highly politicized action, President Joe Biden has called for what amounts to a ghost gun ban that targets …

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A Letter From Jordan to Current & Future Customers

Public Statement from JSD Supply Owner to Current & Future Customers Addressing the recent ban of 80% receiver sales at …

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A Letter to the President: Request on Behalf of Law-Abiding Owners of Non-Firearm Receiver Blanks and Non Commercial Manufacturers of Home-Built Firearms

Although President Biden has not been in office long, he seems to be working quickly on a variety of gun safety proposals. One of which would directly impact our community as his administration pushes to require buyers of  80% lowers, aka ‘ghost guns’, undergo a background check prior to purchase. 

JSD Supply, along with Gun Owners of America and Defense Distributed submitted a request to The President and his administration to rethink the infringement on rights of law abiding gun owners in our nation. Read on for the in depth letter submitted to the President last week.

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