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PF940C Complete Kit-The Benefits of Glock-Compatible Kits

If you’re thinking of building a handgun from the security of your own home or garage, an ideal place to start is with a PF940C complete kit. The benefits of this reliable and accurate handgun stretch all the way back to its inception.
About the Glock
The founder, Gaston Glock, began with experience in advanced synthetic polymers. In […]

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The Five Best Reasons to Get an 80 Percent Lower Receiver

What is an 80 percent lower receiver? It’s a kit to make a gun that still needs assembly and tooling to become a fully functional weapon. These kits are federally legal to purchase and put together, though a few states have specific laws regarding the purchase, assembly, sale, and ownership.

1) Privacy

Privacy is the number […]

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Why Homemade Gun Parts Kits Are Perfect During a Crisis

The world looks a little different these days, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all doom and gloom. While a huge portion of the population is under mandatory lockdowns and social distancing, these trying times prove the perfect environment for creating your own gun! Whether you want to build a gun for the DIY aspect, […]

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Using a Gun Receiver and Inserts to Customize Your Firearm

Building a firearm from scratch is a satisfying way to customize your gun. It familiarizes you with all aspects of the firearm, from the gun receiver to the inserts. It’s also the ideal way to own a gun with no background checks or paperwork.

At JSD Supply, we believe in your right to privacy and to […]

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AR-10 vs AR-15: What’s the Difference?

An AR is a fine piece of equipment that has been around for more than fifty years. If you know anything about these guns, you know the “AR” actually stands for the original manufacturer’s name for the firearm: ArmaLite Rifle.

So what’s the difference in an AR-10 and an AR-15?

AR-10s vs AR-15s: Know Your History

When comparing […]

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Understanding Homemade Gun Laws State By State

People have been making their own homemade guns on United States soil since before we were even officially a country. It’s a tradition that’s deeply rooted in our constitution and history. So, is it legal to build a gun? To this day, it is still federally legal to make your own handgun, though some states […]

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