Sig Sauer

Build or upgrade your pistol with custom Sig Sauer parts and accessories. One of the leading firearms manufacturers, Sigs are trusted by militaries, law enforcement agencies, and private citizens around the world. They’ve developed a reputation for reliability, toughness, and accuracy while delivering innovative designs that offer hard-to-beat tactical utility. We have aftermarket parts and accessories that are compatible with both commercially produced Sig Sauer firearms and Sig-type weapons that are growing increasingly popular among the thriving community of homemade gunsmiths and gun manufacturers.

Set Your Sights On A Better Sig

Sig Sauer custom parts can help you finish out a homemade lower receiver, upgrade an existing weapon with performance components, or restore a well-used sidearm to fresh-from-the-factory performance. Precision engineered to meet OEM specifications, made from quality materials to give your thousands of rounds under normal operating conditions, and ready for assembly with your Sig-compatible firearm, you can build out a weapon that you can be proud to use at the range, in the line of duty, or as your everyday carry sidearm. From extra mags to optics, barrels, and internal components, we are proud to be your source for souping up your Sig.

Quality Sig Parts

We’re ready to support the Second Amendment community with the aftermarket gun parts and accessories they need to create custom weapons that give them a better shooting experience. From quality parts at great prices to the news you need to fight for your freedoms, we’ve always had your six. Order your custom Sig Sauer parts from JSD Supply today.