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Glock Compatible Parts & Kits

Need a new aftermarket Glock for personal use without the paperwork? JSD Supply can help. We offer a complete range of parts and kits so you can assemble a firearm that looks, feels, and operates identically to models purchased directly from the manufacturer.

Utilizing one of our Glock compatible 80% lower receivers and a few tools, you’ll be able to construct a sleek looking firearm without concerns about serialization, background check, or government fees. They are the ultimate answer when your privacy is a priority.

  • 80% Glock Lower Parts Kit - LPK

    If you need the parts to finish out a frame for a Glock handgun, JSD Supply has the answer. We offer Glock 80% kits to complete your build and get a firearm without the hassle. Thanks to our diverse inventory, you’ll find a kit to match different...

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  • Engraving Service

    JSD Supply can help you get a firearm that looks and feels exactly like those offered from leading manufacturers. Since 2013 our extensive inventory and useful services have assisted people complete their DIY handgun project. Engraving your piece is one...

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  • Glock Slide Completion Kit

    Glock Slide Completion Kit These parts will finish out your stripped Glock G26 - G19 - G17 compatible Slide.   Included: Striker Cover Plate Extractor Channel Liner Striker Spacer Sleeve Spring Cups Striker Spring Plunger Plunger...

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  • Patmos Arms - G19 Nitride Barrel

    Patmos Arms G19 Compatible Barrel With Nitride Coating The midsize 9mm is versatile compared to a standard-sized pistol thanks to its reduced dimensions. Not only is it a conventional service weapon, but it is also ideal for concealed or open carry...

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  • Patmos Arms - G19 Stainless Fluted Barrel

    Patmos Arms Stainless Fluted Barrel for G19 The barrel is one of the most important parts when customizing a DIY gun. Only the best steel should be used for durability and longevity when building your personalized firearm. Using high-quality steel is...

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  • Patmos Arms - G26 Stainless Barrel

    Stainless Steel Barrel That Fits G26 A 9 mm provides accurate targeting with minimum recoil and a fast rate of fire. It is an ideal backup for anyone who regularly open carries. Adding the G26 compatible barrel has the benefit of sharing some of the...

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  • Patmos Arms Judah 17

    Patmos Arms Judah 17

    Patmos Arms Judah 17   Glock G17 Compatible Slide Features 100% CNC Machined from Bar Stock 4140 Heat Treated Steel PVD Coating Front and Rear Serrations Side Windows (Optional) Side & Top Windows (Optional) Trijicon RMR Sight Cut...

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  • Patmos Arms Judah 19

    Patmos Arms Judah 19

    G19 Slide - Judah 19 Build a firearm that looks, feels, and operates like a stock Glock G19 without the hassles of traditional retailers and paperwork with parts by JSD. This component can be ordered with a match grade nitride barrel, complete slide...

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  • Patmos Arms Judah 26

    Patmos Arms Judah 26

    Patmos Arms Judah 26 - G26 Compatible Slide The Patmos Arms Judah 26 slide is G26 compatible. The slide moves during the operating cycle and houses the firing pin as well as the extractor. This slide’s impressive design offers a real advantage for...

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  • PF 45 Build Kit - 45acp

    PF 45 Build Kit - 10mm

    Built with high-strength reinforced polymer construction, the PF45 build kit comes with everything needed to customize your pistol frame. Complete with a Picatinny/STANAG compliant accessory rail, stainless steel locking block rail system (LBRS™),...

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