A DIY firearm with a pull-release trigger installed

Pull-Release Triggers Explained

Pull-release triggers can add a new layer of fun to your shooting range experience, making them a popular custom firearm upgrade. Designed to work with semi-automatic trigger actions to increase your practical rate of fire, these trigger systems are drop-in modifications that don’t permanently change how your gun operates. This means they are effective at delivering a high volume of rounds downrange while keeping your weapon legally semi-automatic to satisfy government requirements. Get more bang for your buck with this cost-effective custom trigger for your firearms.

Semi-Automatic Fire Explained

Semi-automatic fire is defined as a single trigger action firing a single round. As the trigger is pulled, the sear breaks over, releasing the striker or hammer to fire a round and a disconnector disengages the trigger from the sear, allowing the sear to return to its original position. As the weapon cycles, a new round is loaded into the chamber and the striker or hammer is cocked, preparing it to deliver the force necessary to strike and ignite the primer. With the sear in its original position, the striker or hammer is arrested in the cocked position until the trigger is returned, resetting the connection between the trigger and sear, which will then allow the weapon to be fired again.

A firearm with a pull-release trigger installed is being fired at an outdoor shooting range

This can be contrasted with automatic or burst-fire weapons, which are highly regulated in civilian hands. With these firearms, holding the trigger down keeps the sear engaged by the trigger, allowing the weapon to continue cycling and firing until the trigger is released or a set number of burst rounds has been fired in succession. The vast majority of automatic weapons are governed by the National Firearms Act, a piece of gun control legislation that requires intrusive background checks and high fees to own and maintain this class of weapons.

How Pull-Release Triggers Legally Increase Your Rate of Fire

Pull-release triggers use the same principles as semi-automatic trigger groups but with a modification to the design. While a single trigger action will still only fire a single round, both the pulling and releasing of the trigger will provide the action that allows a round to be fired.

  1. The trigger is pulled, firing a round, and the disconnector interrupts the connection between the “pull” part of the trigger group and the sear, which then connects to the “release” part of the trigger group.
  2. As the shooter eases up pressure on the trigger, strong springs push it towards return, where the sear breaks over, firing a round as the disconnector interrupts the sear’s connection with the “release” portion of the trigger group, allowing it to reset to the “pull” portion of the trigger group.

As you can see, a single action–either pull or release–still fires only a single round. This action is under the full control of the shooter, making it an intentional action on the trigger versus the automatic fire model.

Check Your Local Rules and Ordinances

It’s important to note that while legal under federal law, anti-gun legislation is increasingly threatening your rights at all levels of government. Make sure you check both your state regulations and any local ordinances to be sure their provisions allow for pull-release triggers. In addition, some ranges may have rules against rapid fire, which this custom trigger group can definitely provide.

The Practical Effect of Adding a Pull-Release Trigger to Your Gun

So, what can you expect when you add a pull-release trigger to your weapon? There are a few across-the-board benefits our customers enjoy:

Man at an outdoor shooting range firing a gun with a pull-release trigger installed
  • Increased Rate of Fire – This one is obvious. You fire two rounds for every one round you’d fire with the finger motion used on a standard semi-automatic trigger. This doubling of your rate of fire lets you more rounds downrange in a shorter amount of time.
  • Improved Familiarity with Their Firearm – We’re a big believer in greasy hands and self-sufficient know how. Adding a custom trigger group yourself gives you a better understanding of the internal parts that make your firearm work.
  • More Fun at the Range – It’s just downright fun! Listen, if you love shooting, then you’ll love shooting more, faster. That’s simple math we can all agree on.

While those are all great, there are also a few warnings we want to give you:

  • More Rounds Mean More Recoil to Control – Every round fired downrange exerts an equal and opposite force on the weapon and the body you’re using to control it. This can lead to increased muzzle flip and barrel rise while potentially decreasing your accuracy and precision.
  • More Rounds Mean More Money Spent on Ammo – Ammo prices are rising, and firing twice as many rounds means you’re spending money at twice the rate per trigger pull (and release). Budget accordingly.
  • Pull-Release Triggers Aren’t Right for Every Situation -We don’t recommend this custom trigger group for tactical situations, competitions, hunting, or self-defense. We suggest it be used at the range when you want to have an ammo can’s worth of fun, and that a standard semi-automatic trigger be re-installed before using it for any other purpose. 

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