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JSD Supply

  • 80% AR 15 Jig

    80% AR 15 Jig

    80% AR 15 Jig Kit This kit is used for finishing 80% AR-15 receivers into a state ready for use in a complete firearm. Use the drill bits, drill press jig, and steel top plates to accurately mill...

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  • 80% AR-10 Receiver - Anodize

    80% AR-10 Receiver - Anodize

    80% AR-10 Receiver Since it’s only 80% complete, this receiver can be shipped to your doorstep with no serial number, no paperwork, no background check. In the eyes of the ATF and lawmakers,...

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    80% AR-15 Receiver - Anodized

    80% AR-15 Receiver - Anodized

    Anodized 80% Finished AR-15 Receivers Customize your next firearm using the 80% finished AR-15 receivers. Our tools will help you construct rifles and handguns that look, feel, and operate like any...

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  • Binary AR Trigger

    Binary AR Trigger

    This is one of the fastest triggers on the market for AR-15s, AR10s, and AR-9s. A firearm fitted with this trigger will fire one round when the trigger is pulled and one round when the trigger is...

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  • MUP-247

    MUP 247

    Since 2013, JSD Supply has been the most trusted source for DIY firearm projects. We offer individual parts or complete kits, like the MUP 247 Sig P365 parts kit. This is the 80% Sig Sauer P365...

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