3D Printed Pistol Frame Parts Set FMDA DDXX.2 Glock Compatible



If you need the parts to finish out your printed frame based on the FMDA DD17.2, DD19.2, or DD26.2 models, you’ve found your answer.

Please select the correct size/model for the file you are printing when ordering. The front rail and locking block are size/model specific.

Included in this kit:

  • 3D Print Specific Hardware
    • Front Rail Module (may be steel or aluminum, raw or black coated depending on supply)
    • Rear Rail Module
    • Front and Rear Assembly pins
    • Locking Block
  • Lower Parts Kit
    • Trigger
    • Trigger Spring
    • Trigger Housing
    • Trigger Pin
    • Trigger Bar
    • Slide Lock
    • Slide Lock Spring
    • Locking Block Pin
    • Slide Stop
    • Magazine Catch Spring
    • Magazine Catch

By assembling these components from our Glock parts kits as part of your frame, you’ll have the beginnings of a fully functional firearm. Assembling your own lower brings the pride of knowing you did it and the knowledge that comes with assembly.

Some components in this set are brand-name aftermarket Glock parts. The Glock name and associated model numbers are trademarks of Glock Ges.m.b.H.

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