FNS 40 3D Build Kit


In stock

FNS 40 3D Build Kit


In stock


An FNS 40 3D build kit gives you everything you need to finish your 3D printed FNS 40 style frame. Under federal law, you can legally manufacture your own firearms for personal use, experiencing a long American tradition of self-reliance while enjoying your second amendment rights. You can produce a reliable pistol in your home, garage, or workshop that shoots tight groups and looks just as finished as any commercial handgun without the need for intrusive forms required for commercial sales.  Please note – this kit is not a NEW kit. This is a used kit that contains all necessary parts in perfect working order. 


What’s Included:

  • FNS Complete Upper in 40 s&w
  • FNS Complete Lower Parts Kit

What’s Not included:

  • Frame (You print the frame)
  • Magazine

Firearms Parts That Perform

Shooters at ranges throughout the country are already using the parts in our FNS 40 3D build kit because they’re quality components that are built to last. Designed to work with FNS 40 3D plans from reputable sources, our complete kits for 3D printed frames include the metal parts needed to turn your raw frame into a completed lower receiver and the barrel, slide, and parts that finish out your pistol’s manufacture. Once completed, your new firearm will be ready for the range, everyday carry, or duty. 

Build Your Own

More and more gun owners are finding out that making a new firearm is the best way to add a fun new shooter to their collection. If you like guns more than paperwork, we’re ready to help you build your new favorite sidearm. Match your elbow grease with the design of your choice and parts that you can count on. Order your FNS 40 3D build kit online from JSD Supply today.


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