Matador Arms — Regulator Muzzle Brake

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  • Easy No-Tool Assembly and Adjustment
  • Vertical Gas Vents Help Control Barrel Lift and Recoil
  • Adjustable Through 60 Vent Gradients to Balance Compensation and Flash Suppression
  • Available for 5.56NATO/.223 and 7.62NATO/.308

Matador Arms — Regulator Muzzle Brake Product Details

The Matador Regulator AR-15 Muzzle Brake is the perfect addition to your custom firearm. The easy no-tool installation makes it a beginner-friendly start to upgrading a firearm yourself at home, but even experienced shooters will appreciate the engineering Matador built into this powerhouse. Muzzle brakes redirect some of the gasses from your barrel through vent ports. Properly balanced, your muzzle brake helps compensate for the weapon’s recoil so you can keep your barrel down and on target for follow-up shots that create tight groups.

Take a Brake From Heavy Recoil

The Regulator AR-15 muzzle brake is engineered to make adjusting to tactical needs in the field easy and trouble-free. Whether you’re hitting the range, getting ready for a big hunting trip, or customizing a personal defense weapon, it’s a good choice for your AR-15 build.

  • Manufactured from rugged 4040 Steel with a black nitride coating for durability under real-world field conditions.
  • The triple-chamber design of the Matador Regulator effectively directs gas up and out through the vertical vents when opened.
  • Over 60 adjustment settings let you choose from 0% to 100% open vents with a click of the lock nut.
  • The light 6.8 oz. weight, 3.6” length, and 1.08” diameter provide a low profile that minimizes the change in your gun’s feel.
  • When vents are closed, gasses are forced forward and away from the shooter.

Faster, More Accurate Follow-Up Shots

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