Patmos Arms Judah F2 Compact Size slide


  • Perfect for Your Homemade 9mm Glock-type Compact Pistol
  • Available as a Stripped Slide, With Internal Parts, or With Internal Parts and Match-Grade Barrel
  • Machined from Heat-Treated Stainless Steel Bar Stock
  • Features Wrap-Around Serrations for a Better Grip

Patmos Arms Judah F2 Compact Size slide Product Details

The Patmos Arms Judah F2 compact slide gives you a high-performance upper for your Glock-style pistol. This custom compact slide gives you full-sized performance that offers a smaller profile for easier carrying. Available as a raw slide, with internal parts, or as a complete upper receiver kit, it’s the right choice for customizing a commercial weapon to fit your shooting needs or building a gun you can be proud of in your home workshop or garage. Get a better shooting experience with quality parts you can rely on to deliver at the range or in the field.

Upgrade Your Glock Compatible 9mm

The Patmos Arms Judah F2 compact package gives you high-performance gun parts for range, duty, or self-defense. Engineered and manufactured for real-world gun owners, this compact custom slide helps you build an OEM-quality handgun without the inflated OEM price tag.

  • Three purchase options are available:
    • Stripped Slide – The raw Judah F2 slide with no additional parts or components.
    • Slide and Internal Parts – This includes the stripped F2 slide, guide rod, and Glock Slide Completion Parts.
    • Complete Slide Package – Everything you need to create a fully functional compact pistol upper receiver, including the slide, internal parts, guide rod, and a match-grade Patmos Arms barrel.
  •  The F2 is made from heat-treated, CNC-machined 416 stainless steel.
  • Nitride coated for better resistance to harsh field conditions and use in dynamic tactical situations.
  • Wrap-around serrations provide a better gripping surface, even with heavy gloves or slick hands.
  • Notch and blade iron sights provide reliable aiming.
  • The optional 4” Patmos Arms 9mm barrel is forged from stainless steel and nitride coated for durability.
  • The Glock slide completion parts kit includes:
    • Striker
    • Striker Spring
    • Cover Plate
    • Extractor
    • Channel Liner
    • Striker Spacer Sleeve
    • Spring Cups
    • Plunger
    • Plunger Spring
    • Bearing
    • Recoil Spring
  • Fits G23-compatible frames, including:
    • Polymer 80 PF940c
    • GST-9
    • Glock Gen1-3 G19/G23/G32
    • PSA Dagger
    • Polymer80 PFC9
    • Lone Wolf TWC Compact
    • SCT Manufacturing – SCT 19
    • ZEV OZ9
    • Combat Armory

Create Your Favorite Compact Concealed Carry Pistol

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