Patmos Arms Revelation 17 Complete Slide Assembly


Patmos Arms Revelation 17 Complete Slide Assembly Product Details

Patmos Arms Revelation Full Size

Whether you’re building a new project from scratch or upgrading an existing firearm to add optic capability and a little style, this is the slide you need at a price that fits every budget.


Parts with this Patmos Arms Revelation – Full Size Slide include:

  • Patmos Arms Revelation 17 Slide
    • Heat Treated and Black Nitrided
    • Cut for Trijicon RMR or Holosun 507C or similar red dot
    • Enhanced front and rear serrations and window cuts
    • 9mm Barrel OPTIONS: Choose from Black Nitride or TiN coated(gold color)
      • NOTE: Black Nitride barrel may be flush cut or standard length based on availability*
    • Patmos Arms Aluminum Cover plate
  • Patmos Arms Slide Parts kit and Recoil Spring Assembly

Frame Compatibility:

The Patmos Arms Revelation Compact is compatible with a host of other similarly styled frames:

  • Polymer 80 PF940V2
  • Glock Gen1-3 G17/G22
  • Polymer80 PF9


Get Exactly What You Need At JSD

There’s nothing more satisfying than customizing your firearm. Find everything necessary to complement and customize your Glock style G17.

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