Patmos Arms Revelation - Single Stack


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Patmos Arms Revelation – Single Stack

Patmos Arms Revelation – Single Stack Combo works with a G43 or a Polymer 80 PF9ss. Custom design this firearm to best suit you. This build kit from JSD has everything needed to finish your own pistol like a professional, without the paperwork. Only firearms over 80% complete are recognized by the ATF and lawmakers as being guns. The Patmos Arms Revelation Single Stack Combo is great for anyone who wants to own firearms off-the-books, is competent with basic tools, and has a safe place to build their gun.


Product Description


Parts with this Patmos Arms Revelation – Single Stack include:

  • Patmos Arms Revelation 43 Slide
    • Cut for a Holosun 407k or RMSc (These are the MICRO red dot sight cuts)
    • Patmos Arms Cover plate
  • Patmos Arms Barrel
  • Patmos Arms Slide Parts kit
  • Black nitride coating
  • Complete Lower Parts Kit for a Polymer 80 PF9ss

The complete PF9ss combo is included, but the frame and jig will need to be purchased separately.

Get Exactly What You Need At JSD

There’s nothing more satisfying than completing your first firearm. Buy with privacy and reduce your paper trail. Stay informed of new products today for all your DIY gun needs. Find everything necessary to complement and customize your PF940sc build kit.


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