Patmos Judah 19 or 23 Parts Kit – Compact

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Patmos Judah 19 or 23 Parts Kit – Compact Product Details

Complete Compact Combo

The PF940c Combo works with a G19 or a Polymer 80 PF940c. Custom design this firearm to best suit you. This Combo from JSD has everything needed to finish your own pistol like a professional. The PF940c parts combo is great for anyone who wants to create their own, is competent with basic tools, and has a safe place to build.

Product Description


Parts with this PF940c Combo include:

  • Patmos Arms Judah 19 or 23 Slide
    • Glock Gen 3 Compatible
    • 416 Stainless Steel with Black Nitride Coating
  • Patmos Arms Barrel (9mm or 40)
  • Complete Lower Parts Kit (no locking block, as these are designed originally for a frame that includes the locking block)
  • IMPORTANT: only the slide and barrel in this 40S&W parts kit are “40 specific”. ALL other components are gen 3 compatible standard parts normally found in 9mm variants. This works perfectly, always has, but we want you to be aware.
  • Complete Slide Parts Kit with Black Out Sights

Frame Compatibility:

The PF940c Combo is compatible with a host of other similarly styled frames.

  • Polymer 80 PF940c
  • 80 Percent Arms GST-9
  • Glock G19/G23/G32 (Need Locking Block)
  • PSA Dagger (Need Locking Block)
  • Polymer80 PFC9
  • Lone Wolf TWC Compact (Need Locking Block)
  • SCT Manufacturing – SCT 19 (Need Locking Block)
  • ZEV OZ9
  • Combat Armory

The frame will need to be purchased separately and is NOT included when purchasing this item.

Get Exactly What You Need At JSD

There’s nothing more satisfying than completing your first build. Buy with confidence. Stay informed of new products today for all your DIY building needs. Find everything necessary to complement and customize your PF940c build.

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Reviews for the Patmos Judah 19 or 23 Parts Kit – Compact

30 reviews for Patmos Judah 19 or 23 Parts Kit – Compact

  1. Will

    Fast shipping a d as usual high quality components. I will definitely be back agian!!

  2. Neco Placide

    Best company on the market hands down ! Y’all know how to keep it official ! Best believe we coming back for more

  3. Jason (verified owner)

    Outstanding product and service. This was my first 940c build and it turned out flawless. Cant beat the price of this kit. Great quality and I will order more. Thanks JSD!

  4. Jason Boyd (verified owner)

    Top notch products and great price. I will definitely be back again. Great company.

  5. Ian (verified owner)

    5 Star Company There Is No Where On The Market Where You Can Find Fast Shipping,LowPrices,Best Stock Inventory,And HighQuality Parts, Ask Your Self Where You Can Find A Complete Slide With Sights Barrel And Internals Including Lower Parts Kit For The Ridiculously Low Price Of $320 F****n Dollars,Thats Easily $500-$600 Everywhere Else On The Web,JSDSupply Get Yours While It Last…..Dork Oner From San Diego Repping The Second

  6. Skiman3025

    I have got more then 3 items from jsd supplys and i must say they are great at this point

  7. Raymar Morales (verified owner)

    Purchased PF940c Full Build Kit – Minus Frame and the polymer 80 PF940c this will be my first build so hopefully this is all I need

  8. David K (verified owner)

    I completed my first Polymer 80 build with the JSD PF940c Full Build Kit. The components fit well together. My build shot as reliably as my Glock 19. I will buy another one of these kits.

  9. Dave (verified owner)

    Excellent kit, unbeatable price and service. Put this on a P80 and it did 4 mag dumps without 1 flaw. Excellent customer service that went above and beyond. Thank you JSD

  10. Kacie (verified owner)

    JSD is my go to company for anything P80 related. I have ordered a couple of these frames and never had an issue. And just recently the shipping has actually gotten quite fast. If you can use basic hand tools, a dremel, and patience…you can complete this frame.

  11. Joshua Scullark (verified owner)

    Hands down best company in the game right now !

  12. blazeaglory (verified owner)

    Very good. The quality is very good with very tight tolerances and everything fits perfect. The shipping delays don’t bother me because I’m in no hurry and I imagine JSD is swamped with orders atm. I have bought several different items at several different times from JSD and each time things have went smooth. The products are always top quality with attention to detail and tolerance.

  13. Jd

    Great kit everything fit like it was supposed to will be ordering another one

  14. Daniel Starnes (verified owner)

    LOVE IT got my full build kit in the mail the other day took me all night and most of the day to get everything perfect but when I did get it done the pins fit perfect and gun works GREAT took about 10 shots from around 80 to 100 yards away and hit 8 out of ten 👍 my handgun came perfectly sighted in and the lower feels great in my hands prefect size. I’m currently running a 17round glock 17 mag and it works perfectly with the pf940c lower

  15. Paul Henry (verified owner)

    Ordered this with the frame kit and had it in just a few days. Only assembly issue was the firing pin safety had to be sanded down slightly to fit into the slide. I had a user error involving the extractor but support was great. First test fire worked well. Would highly recommend JSD to anyone in the market.

  16. Corey (verified owner)

    Overall this is a solid kit. I had an issue with Quality Control pertaining to one part in this kit, and that was with the barrel. I had to file down the top of the block, in order for the slide to close entirely. It was an easy job to manage and everything operates perfectly now.

  17. Lyndsey


  18. mlicea00 (verified owner)

    super fast shipping got it with in a three business days and great quality

  19. Brian (verified owner)

    My first pistol build. I had trouble feeding on the first shooting, but took time to break it in daily by racking and dry firing a few hundred times and now it functions flawlessly no matter what I feed it with. Was sighted in perfectly the way it arrived.

  20. aemery8390 (verified owner)

    First build and won’t be my last.. Minor blem on the back of slide, nothing major. Solid slide, nitride barrel with blank sights. Spring seems a little stiff but I’m sure the break in will work that in. I would recommend.

  21. Albert M (verified owner)

    Try JSD. Shipping is fast and wont disappoint you. I myself got 2 slides from JSD and looking to get more. Waiting for a sale on 34 Slide but none the less all other slides are top notch..

  22. crusaderf8u (verified owner)

    A great entry into the Glock field. This was my first Glock build, and the only thing holding me back from 5 stars is the rear panel of the slide was quite difficult to get fully seated for me. Otherwise a quick, easy build. Highly recommended.

  23. Casey Black (verified owner)

    The coating on the slide is a bit iffy, some came off as I was assembling the slide and now there’s bare metal. The tolerances seem a little loose but the machining quality seemed really good

  24. harveytevin64

    Fast shipping my first build turned out super nice with no problems and the prices are terrific I’ll definitely be back

  25. Lionel Maldonado

    Off freakin top no questions about JSD is not 1 of the best but the BEST online website to purchase parts ,frames wutevers needed to complete ur build I’ve done like 3 of them 2gether already thru them & every single purchase went off with out a hitch I don’t even take the time looking at other websites JSD is my go to all the time Glock parts,kits minus frame hands down best place I highly I mean highly RECOMMEND “””JSD”””to everyone who’s looking to put 2gether a pistol.

  26. Rob Leon (verified owner)

    Fast shipping! Kit works perfectly with the frame. No problems first time build.

  27. Lionel Maldonado

    Once again JSD pulled thru without any hiccups nothing everything perfect on time I can’t say enuf about their business . This time I purchased the 40 S&W Ben wanting that caliber 4 a min. Already but usually out of stock once I noticed they had them I purchased it within a week. I received & put it 2gether all within a wk. of ordering what else can u ask 4 . Me personally nothing. So like the last time 5 stars no doubt . Wil b purchasing again b4 they start banning them. Off Top!!

  28. Justin (verified owner)

    My first build, got all my parts from them to do a G23, took me awhile to figure out all the bugs, but if you take your time and test it every time you change something it’ll run well in no time. You won’t beat their pricing. I will be back for more.

  29. josh (verified owner)

    This complete slide is a great deal. Everything fit and worked perfectly right out of the box. Cant wait to get out to the range! Shipping was fast too. JSD is my source for quality parts and the best prices online for P80 builds. Thanks guys!

  30. Rob Anderson (verified owner)

    Lightning fast shipping!!! Great product.

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