PF940sc Full Build Kit - Minus Frame

$449.99 $319.99

In stock

PF940sc Full Build Kit - Minus Frame

$449.99 $319.99

In stock


PF940sc Completion Kit – Minus Frame

If you’ve been wanting to finish out a frame for a handgun that fits Glock compatible parts, then you need the PF940sc completion kit from JSD Supply. This completion kit comes with everything required to complete a G26 compatible firearm minus the frame. And if you want, we can even ship a polymer 80 PF940sc frame and jig directly to you, without the need for an FFL transfer.

Look No Further

JSD Supply provides everything you need for a homemade handgun with options like the PF940sc kit, along with straightforward instructions, as part of the ultimate DIY handgun solution. By assembling these components with your frame, you will have personally finished a fully functional firearm all on your own. Besides the self-gratification that comes along with knowing you built your own weapon, the privacy it provides is priceless.

When Quality Matters

JSD proudly carries American made Patmos Arms slides and barrels that you can truly count on. When it comes to high-quality performance parts, Patmos Arms is renowned in the industry.

Our PF940sc completion kit includes the following:

  • Patmos Arms Judah 26 Slide – Made in the USA
    • Glock Gen 3 Compatible
    • 416 Stainless and Black Nitride Coated
  • Patmos Arms 26 Barrel – Made in the USA
    • Black Nitride 4150 steel
  • Complete Lower Parts Kit
  • Complete Slide Parts Kit with black out sights

This kit does not include the frame, but you can find a complete full build kit for PF940sc with the frame here.

The DIY Gun Experts

We have everything you need to finish and customize your Glock compatible firearm, or another sidearm. JSD Supply offers simple and convenient Glock-fitting 80% kits for any DIY gun enthusiast. Our diverse product lineup is sure to have everything you need to assemble your gun at home. Contact our DIY gun experts with any questions about doing your this PF940sc completion kit.


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