Swampfox Saber 5x Prism


  • 5x Prism Featuring Ten Degree Field of View
  • Integrated Dual Backup Dot Sight Mounts
  • Shake ‘N Wake Motion Sensing Illumination
  • Available in Red or Green Reticle Illumination

Swampfox Saber 5x Prism Product Details

The Swampfox Saber 5x prism scope is the only fixed 5x optic on the market offering a true ten degree field of view. Unlike previous 5x prisms which traded situational awareness for increased magnification, Saber’s wide field of view allows you to dominate the medium range target area with great precision while maintaining overall situational awareness. But even with the wide field of view, 5x is just too much magnification for close quarters snap shooting situations, so Saber features dual back up red dot sight footprints on each side of its scope body. You can put a Swampfox Sentinel or other Shield RMS footprint dot on the left or right side and cant the rifle to instantly acquire the dot, very similar to a 45 degree offset mount backup sight.

Saber’s circle dot type Strike MOA reticle also includes a tremendous 42 MOA of vertical hold. Perfect for shooters looking to extend the effective range of 7.62×39, .300BLK, or other calibers with lower velocity and/or poor ballistic coefficient. Although primarily intended for AR15s, Saber’s included mount positions the optic low enough to work great on AKs as well. The excellent eye relief (for a magnified prism scope) of 2.56″ and generous eye box definitely help the Saber work on a variety of rifle platforms.

Saber features Shake ‘N Wake motion sensing illumination. After 225 seconds without movement, reticle illumination shuts down, and the battery draws no power. As soon as the optic detects even the slightest movement, the reticle immediately returns to the previously selected brightness setting. Saber is available in red or green illumination variants.

Like all Swampfox products, the Saber 5x is backed up by the 50,000 Round Guarantee.


  • 0.5 MOA-per-click Windage and Elevation Adjustments
  • Strike MOA Reticle
  • 36mm Objective Lens
  • Integrated 1913 MIL-STD Picatinny Mount
  • Includes CR123a Battery
  • Shake N Wake Motion Sensing Illumination
  • 10 Brightness settings (2 NV compatible)
  • Weight: 24.7 Ounces
  • Fully Multicoated, Scratch Resistant and Hydrophobic Lens
  • Options: Red or Green Reticle Illumination


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