Sig Sauer Parts & Accessories

Build or upgrade your pistol with custom Sig Sauer parts and accessories. One of the leading firearms manufacturers, Sigs are trusted by militaries, law enforcement agencies, and private citizens around the world. They’ve developed a reputation for reliability, toughness, and accuracy while delivering innovative designs that offer hard-to-beat tactical utility. We have aftermarket parts and accessories that are compatible with both commercially produced Sig Sauer firearms and Sig-type weapons that are growing increasingly popular among the thriving community of homemade gunsmiths and gun manufacturers.


Quality Sig Sauer Parts

We carry the top Sig Sauer parts you’re looking for. Whether you want to move your MUP to a new combo for an entirely new shooting configuration or just need replacement parts for your existing grip module, we’ve got you covered with the same high-quality level you’d expect from Sig Sauer accessories and components straight from the manufacturer. You’ll find internal parts combinations, precision aftermarket barrels and slides, MUP-ready packages for the popular p320 weapons system, and accessories to help you get more from your Sig handgun. These aftermarket parts are engineered to meet the precision tolerances Sig is known for, manufactured for long service life, and delivered to your door so that you can create your customized shooting experience in the comfort of your own home, garage, or workshop.

Build Better, Shoot Better

We’ve always been passionate about helping our customers tailor their weapons to fit their shooting needs. Whether you serve and protect or are just a proud Second Amendment hobbyist enjoying your freedoms, we stand behind you with high-quality parts you can count on, the knowledge you need to stay informed about gun news, and the hot deals that save you more money. Upgrade your gun with Sig Sauer parts from JSD Supply today.