Patmos Arms Judah 26 – Subcompact Slide


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  • Precision-Engineered 9mm Glock-Compatible Subcompact Slide
  • Choose from a Stripped Slide, Slide Plus Internal Parts and Guide Rod, or Slide, Barrel, Internal Parts and Guide Rod.
  • Front and Rear Serrations for a Sure Grip
  • Nitride Coated to Resist Corrosion and Damage

Patmos Arms Judah 26 – Subcompact Slide Product Details

  • The Patmos Arms Judah 26 Subcompact Slide gives you a reliable upper receiver with a smaller footprint for discreet carry. Glock subcompact pistols are known for delivering full-sized performance but come with a full-sized price tag. This slide combo is meant for those who want to save money on a quality firearm by building their own or as custom gun parts when upgrading your gun to meet your shooting needs. Choose the right slide package for you and prepare to take your shooting experience to the next level.

    Performance Engineered Subcompact Pistol Upper

    The Patmos Arms Judah 26 Subcompact is designed to meet the exacting tolerances of OEM frames while also working perfectly with popular 3D-printed and 80% frames popular with home-based gun makers.

    • Choose from three subcompact slide purchase options:
      • Stripped Slide – Just the raw Judah 26 slide, ready for assembly.
      • Slide with Internals and Guide Rod – You’ll receive the raw slide, an internal parts completion kit, and a single-spring guide rod–barrel NOT included.
      • Complete Slide Package – Everything you need to build your upper receiver, including the Judah 26, single-spring guide rod, internal parts kit, and match-grade 9mm barrel.
    • The Judah 26 is CNC machined from 416 stainless steel bar stock, heat-treated for durability, and black nitride coated for superior corrosion resistance and a tough-as-nails finish.
    • Front and back serrations make it easier to handle the weapon, rack the slide, or perform a press check.
    • The optional internal slide parts completion kit includes:
      • Channel Liner
      • Striker Spacer Sleeve
      • Spring Cups
      • Striker Spring
      • Plunger
      • Plunger Spring
      • Bearing
      • Striker
      • Cover Plate
      • Extractor
    • Optional guide rod is an upgraded single-spring model for reliable performance.
    • If selected, the Patmos Arms Judah 26 barrel is forged from 416 stainless steel and nitride coated to protect it throughout a long service life.

    Build the Perfect Carry or Backup Pistol

    We have the parts you need to build a Glock-style subcompact pistol you can count on. Register for our email newsletter to get the latest deals and product announcements delivered to your inbox. Order your Patmos Arms Judah 26 Subcompact Slide from JSD Supply today.

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Reviews for the Patmos Arms Judah 26 – Subcompact Slide

2 reviews for Patmos Arms Judah 26 – Subcompact Slide

  1. John Cavalier (verified owner)

    Returning item for a different slide and barrel Extremely fast and efficient service!!!!!!

  2. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Its a good product I looking at buying more from u guys

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