PY2A G17/69 3D Printed Parts Set


PY2A G17/69 3D Printed Parts Set Product Details

*ONLY compatible with frame models based on the Print Your 2A G17 Gen 3 specifications*

A 3D printed Glock style frame is the perfect start to your own homemade firearm for sporting or self-defense. 3D printing technology gives private citizens the ability to make professional-level polymer-frames, then use a Glock 17 style 3D Parts Set to finish the manufacturing process with confidence. Now is a great time to experience the American traditions of self-reliance and our second amendment freedoms by making a firearm you can rely on in the comfort of your own home, garage, or workshop.

Please choose from these affordable purchase options:

  • Frame Parts Set: includes PY2A steel rail set, locking block, 2 pins, coil spring, and Patmos Lower Parts Kit
  • Judah Complete Parts Set: includes the Frame Parts Set PLUS a complete Judah 17 Slide Assembly
  • Revelation Complete Parts Set: includes the Frame Parts Set PLUS a complete Revelation 17 Optics Ready Slide


Additional specifications

  • Patmos Arms Slide – G17 Compatible
    • Judah : our standard slide with front and rear serrations, heat treated and finished in black nitride
    • Revelation : our premium slide with enhanced front and rear serrations, windows on three sides, and cut for mounting an RMR-footprint optic such as the Gideon Optics Omega, Alpha, Rock, or the Holosun 407C or 507C (available in our Optics section). Includes Patmos cover plate as shown.
  • Patmos Arms Barrel – 9mm
  • Patmos Arms Slide Parts
  • Patmos Arms Lower Parts Kit
  • Glock Gen 3 Style Locking Block
  • Front and Rear Rail Pins are 3mm diameter steel

What’s Not Included:

  • Frame – You will print your own frame using PY2A 17 files (search for PY2A 17 – The files are free)
  • Magazine – Try to use a Glock OEM G17 magazine for initial break in

High-Quality Pistol Parts

Additive manufacturing with a good printer and the proper software downloads and materials can produce a 3D printed Glock frame on-par with the polymer frames on pistols you’ll find at your local gun shop. Our complete combos give you the metal parts and hardware needed to finish out the frame and assemble a reliable and accurate firearm. Along with the parts found in kits meant for professionally made frames, like slides, and barrels, these complete combo comes with the internals you need to finish out the lower receiver. A Glock 17 3D Parts Set gives you the metal parts that pair with your 3D printed frame for a Glock 17 type pistol without compromising on quality or going through the hassle of government bureaucracy.

Order Your Parts With Confidence

Once you have your 3D printed Glock frame plans, you need the parts you can trust to finish it out, and we’re proud to provide you with the same high-quality materials trusted by thousands of firearms enthusiasts at ranges across the country. Browse through our parts list or make outfitting your Glock-type frame easy with a complete combo that has you ready for manufacturing, start to finish. Order your parts kits online without the paperwork from JSD Supply today.

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