Sig Sauer P320 - Full Size



Sig Sauer P320 - Full Size




Since 2013 JSD Supply has been a go-to source when it comes to DIY firearm solutions. We offer complete kits – like the Sig Sauer compatible P320 80% build kit – that can help you design the ideal sidearm for your needs. This kit has everything you need to finish a newly completed MUP-1, including factory parts to give you a piece that operates identically to those manufactured by Sig Sauer.

Included in each Full Build kit is:

  • Complete Slide Assembly – Full size
  • Grip Module – Full Size
  • Magazine

Options include all of the above plus the following:

  • Builders Kit – Includes all of the above plus Lower Parts Kit
  • Full Build Kit – Includes all of the above plus Lower Parts Kit and MUP-1 (no JIG)
  • Complete Build – Includes all of the above plus the JIG


Kits can include a MUP-1 80% P320 compatible insert or MUP-1 jig. Thanks to the P320’s modular design though, you can choose from several centerfire calibers to create a truly unique piece.

Completely Private Firearm Solutions

Having a firearm without the hassles of government fees and background checks is easy with one of our P320 80% build kits. You can design and construct your piece with only a few tools thanks to straightforward instructions. This gives you the chance to learn about the function and assembly of your firearm too. And since the weapon is for personal use, there’s no need for a serial number – making it the ideal solution for privacy concerns.

See Our DIY Approach in Action

Everything we offer is tested by our team to ensure quality and is available with fast shipping. So whether you need a Sig Sauer P320 frame or something else, we make getting all the parts you need a hassle-free experience. See how a DIY build can help with your firearm needs by shopping JSD Supply today.


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