Polymer 80 PF940sc


Polymer 80 PF940sc



Since 2013 JSD Supply has been the go-to source for DIY firearm builds. We have reliable Polymer 80 sub compact frames and other pieces – including full kits – that give you a handgun that looks and feels just like a manufactured firearm without the paperwork. These parts can help you assemble a custom firearm specific for your carrying needs that you’ll be proud to own.

Components Included

  • Polymer 80 PF940sc subcompact frame
  • Jig
  • Custom locking block with slide rail
  • Rear slide rail
  • End mill bit
  • Drill bits


The 80% frame is compatible with Glock Gen 3 G26 and G27 components. Each piece in the kit is fully tested by our team to ensure the best quality possible. You can complete your parts kit for your Polymer 80 PF940sc here.

Assemble in Your Own Garage

If you need a handgun without the usual hassles, JSD Supply is the answer. We can help you build a 100% legal firearm right in your garage without the need for a background check, serial number, or government fees. These handguns are the perfect fit for someone concerned about their privacy.

Order your Polymer 80 sub compact frame or other parts needed for your next build and see the JSD Supply difference today.


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