Top Glock Upgrades

Glock upgrades help take an already renowned pistol and customize it to fit your exact specifications. As one of the most popular handgun manufacturers around the world, Glock weapons serve honorably in scores of countries, protect citizens alongside law enforcement professionals coast-to-coast, and give everyday Americans a way to defend themselves with a sidearm they can count on. We’re proud to offer the Glock upgrade parts and equipment you need to take any Glock to the next level or to build your own aftermarket Glock-style firearm in the comfort of your own home without paperwork.

Gaston Glock’s Dream

Head engineer and founder Gaston Glock had no firearms experience when he assembled a team of firearms experts in preparation for creating the Glock pistol. Instead, he had extensive knowledge of polymers and a passion for showing that they could help create modern firearms that were accurate, efficient, and durable. While he may not have specifically envisioned the popularity of the weapon or the need to allow for Glock upgrades to the final product, the need for a versatile weapon to fill government contracts ensured the possibilities. The wide adoption of the Glock by both government and civilian customers guaranteed that a rich aftermarket industry would be available to meet the needs of shooters with a wide range of requirements for their firearms.

Popular Glock Upgrades

While the pistol that comes straight from the factory is one of the best stock handguns you will find on the market, Best in class doesn’t mean perfect, however, and as good as Glock is, there is no one perfect gun for every gun owner. Aftermarket Glock upgrade parts can give your gun a new feel, improve handling, or offer better performance. While shooting sports will always come down to the person pulling the trigger, having a tool that performs precisely the way you want is always preferable.

Get Triggered

Trigger action plays a big part in accuracy and comfort when you’re at the range or on duty. A heavier trigger pull with a crisp break is perfect for the Glock’s semi-auto-only action when carrying with a round chambered. For competitive shooters, a lighter trigger with a shorter return may allow for faster rounds on target with less effort. Aside from the trigger action itself, some Glock owners prefer a different shape to their trigger shoe that sits more comfortably on their finger. 

Don’t Overextend Yourself

Extend your controls instead. Part of what makes Glock pistols a popular choice for both duty and concealed-carry purposes is the sleek design. For some shooters, however, this sleek design takes extra time when you need to manipulate anything other than the trigger. Extended magazine releases and slide releases give you more surface area to work with. This can be incredibly beneficial for gloved or wet hands and for any situation where you find yourself operating your weapon under stress.  

Over a Barrel

The stock Glock barrel offers good accuracy and durability that will manage tens of thousands of rounds, but new barrels remain a common Glock upgrade. From match-grade barrels or ported barrels to improve accuracy to threaded barrels that allow you to use screw-on compensators or suppressors, specialty barrels help you get more from your gun. Barrels are easy to swap out, making them a great first customization project even new Glock enthusiasts can manage. 

Extra Guidance

Your guide rod and recoil spring play an important role in the smooth operation of your firearm. While it may be hard to imagine how upgrading these two seemingly uncomplicated components could provide a performance boost, under the right circumstances it may be worth considering. The recoil spring itself affects how much energy is transferred back to your hands and how much energy is transferred back to the gun’s mechanism for operation. A lighter recoil spring allows more energy for extraction and rechambering of a round but comes with more muzzle-flip. A heavier spring may allow less muzzle-flip for faster follow-up shots, but may not allow enough energy transfer for reliable operation, making this customization a balancing act based on the owner’s preferences. A heavier guide rod, such as one made from a tungsten alloy, adds weight to the front of your gun to reduce that same muzzle flip but increases the weight of the weapon you’re carrying. 

Get A Grip

Having a comfortable grip on your firearm is important. You want it to fit your hand and provide the right level of tactile response while also offering a firm hand-hold if you have hands that are sweaty, wet from the elements, or are wearing gloves. Some people choose grip sleeves or grip wraps that cover your stock Glock grips. Another option is replacing your lower with a Glock-style polymer frame that works better for you. 80% lowers are easy to finish and give you a stable firing platform that is more comfortable in your hand.

Out of Sight

Improving target acquisition is the focus of our last popular Glock upgrade: sights. While the trusty notch and blade sight is reliable, the addition of higher-visibility options, like fiber optics or glow-in-the-dark tritium, keep a similar low-profile sight form but with brighter elements that are easier to pick out, especially in low-light conditions. Many shooters also choose to add lasers or reflex optics, like red or green-dot sights, that make acquiring the target even faster but may not be suitable for precision shooting. 

Build Your Custom Glock

We’re proud to offer the parts you need to customize your Glock or build your own Glock-type pistol in your own home. When you take the time to create a firearm that fits your preferences, you’ll see the payoff with every trip to the range. Order your Glock 80% lowers, parts, and assemblies from JSD Supply today.